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I just wanted to mention that we have an extremely knowledgeable (and very sweet) aromatherapist in Sooke! Her company is 100% local and all her oils are organic/natural, however she has clients all over the world.

I have been getting custom blends over the past couple of years for my kid’s health issues and my own and I am impressed at how plant-based medicine has helped us and how inexpensive it is. Last year I didn’t spend a cent on Vics or throat lozenges because I replaced them with healthy-healing-oils. I don’t know if too many people know about this company. The owner, Wendy, is very nice (and very knowledgeable about plants and plant-based medicine) and will meet you in Sooke to give you your order, so no shipping costs! She sells oils and also custom blended oils based on your health needs. The company is online and she has tons of products that are not on her company website. Last year I ordered oils to help prevent lice and scars (to name a few). I just wanted to share because I realized a lot of people order online and don’t realize we have a local essential oil company and I feel like I was keeping this secret. Remember you can just call her and meet.

Concentrated Facial Oil

We met last night at the Market … I purchased the Facial Oil Blend – it’s amazing! 1st of all the scent brought me to tears & for good reason! I am very ’sensitive’ & certain smells will trigger me … the aroma of the facial blend smells EXACTLY like Southern California to me which is a healing place for me (especially Santa Barbara) – I have been searching for that scent in a bottle somewhere/somehow and here it is! I went to bed with a smile on my face dreaming California dreams and woke up with a beautiful face! Thank you! Once this little bottle is gone I will be in touch for more!

– Evoke Customer

I’m SO incredibly happy with this product – seriously I can’t believe it – first the scent now my skin is unbelievable, like wow unbelievable! I’m honestly shocked to be honest I’ve been using hand made usually always local beauty products for years and NEVER have I seen results like this in a matter of DAYS – I’m going to connect with you in a few days as I want to get some small bottles for some girlfriends and also more of your line for myself /react-text

– Becky

My skin is smooth and supple after using Evoke’s Facial Oil. I am very happy with this product.

– Sonia

I have been meaning to email and tell you how much I love the Facial oil blend. It’s fantastic- the consistency, the essential oil blend…Love!

– Jen

Nail Support

Hi Wendy, My husbands’ toenails are the best they have ever been since I have known him. He has had fungal cream from a doctor and has been using tea tree oil regularly for many years. It did make it somewhat better over the years, but the Nail Support oil blend has done the most for him in the shortest amount of time. His nails look the best they have ever looked.

– Lillian

I swim a lot, I am in the water a lot, every time I get athlete’s foot I use Nail Support and it is gone in less than a week.

Love this product!

– Tony

Thanks for you great product,
After countless tries with other products Brian’s big toes are starting to see the light of day and reveal their naturalness once more! It has been years since seeing normal coloring on the toenail.
Please can I order 2 more bottles of nail support?

Bath and Body Products

My favs are the Sweet Leolani room mist and the Tranquil Temple. :))

– Melanie

Beach Hair

I just purchased beach hair. And I think I am in love! It works plus smells nice and natural!

– Annette

I love your beach hair product. I add a small drop to my towel dried hair and then blow dry- all the fly away hairs are gone and my hair has an amazing shine and smell.

– Jessica

Used some Beach Hair Oil Blend and it made my hair feel soft, smell good, and gave me perfect beach curls after a long day in the ocean! Love this product

– Cassie

I love the way your BEACH HAIR product smells…like summer! I also love the way it makes my hair feel & look. Prior to using it, I had just seen my daughter use it on her long hair but it works great on my short hair.

– Ailsa Wright

Beach hair. A fantastic natural product that I love. It has saved my hair from everyday processing.  It makes a great gift that represents all the things I value in a product plus it works!

– Evoke Customer

Beach hair what can I say… You have saved me from bad hair days. And I smell great… That is a fact because everyone that hugs me stands back and states I smell great. Don’t believe me? I am open for hugs 😉
Plus, my niece in Ontario loves it as well. It makes a great gift!
Thank you Evoke Aromatherapy!

– Evoke Customer

Tame The Pain

After years of trying other products, including topical prescription ointments, Tame the Pain calmed my constant pain in my shoulder from torn ligaments in the first week of use.  It now keeps any recurring pain in check and is used on other joint and muscle pains that I have from time to time.  This product is great and I highly recommend it to anyone who has muscle or joint pains.

Thank you Evoke for this great product!
– Gerry

Kids Respiratory Support

Thanks for making the children’s Respiratory Support. I feel great knowing I am applying a natural and organic product to my son’s chest when he is congested at night.

– Laura

Psoriasis Blend

Ok…so this stuff is magical for my son and myself. It takes his and mine (Psoriasis) completely away on our scalp.  I am in shock. No US dermatologist has been ever to help us like Wendy @Evoke has. It is amazing!

The first night we put it on my son’s scalp and he showered and we combed all of “it” out of his poor head.  He is so excited! The kids will hopefully no longer make fun of him.