Thanks for making the children’s Respiratory Support.

I feel great knowing I am applying a natural and organic product to my son’s chest when he is congested at night.

– Laura –


Evoke Aromatherapy is a holistic aromatherapy company that provides products which are specifically formulated to address common wellness concerns in adults, children and babies.

Each Evoke product is formulated and hand crafted by a certified aromatherapist using accurate dilutions according to their intended uses.  Adults, children and babies have different requirements for quantities and types of oils they can use.  Evoke Aromatherapy is conscious of this and blends accordingly.  Our products are supportive to the whole body and by the very nature of essential oils and their properties, encourage wellness of the whole body on both a specific and overall spectrum.

Our products for adults, children and babies are created using the highest quality independently sourced pure essential and vegetable oils available.  Our products are vegan, not tested on animals, use glass recyclable bottles, are hypoallergenic, and are created with natural and organic ingredients.  They are also free from synthetic fragrances, chemicals and petroleum by-products.  Evoke is not affiliated with multi-level marketed companies nor do we use their oils or products.

Evoke Aromatherapy was born on Kauai, Hawaii in 2012.  Evoke’s conception however happened many years before having started under the name Healing Thyme Aromatherapy.  Having been born on Kauai, Hawaii, Evoke was saturated in the healing energy of the Hawaiian Islands and given the time needed to absorb this energy and beauty into its very essence.  Evoke Aromatherapy is now ready to spread this Aloha experienced on Kauai.

The Evoke logo image is an albatross, which flew over the waters from where Evoke’s founder worked, symbolizing the freedom and expansiveness that is in Evoke’s essence.  The crystal clear waters ebbed and flowed below her feet creating the harmony and color of the image.  The trade winds blew, the ocean moved and the sounds, smells and harmony became entwined with Evoke as organically as the healing powers of essential oils are entwined with the plant.  With loving-kindness these properties are extracted to serve their purpose of helping to bring wellness to adults, children and babies in a gentle, loving and nurturing way.

We love what we do and hope you feel this love with our products.  You deserve the best and to live your best life.

Evoke by definition is the calling forth of what lies in the unconscious into the conscious.  Together with Evoke Aromatherapy you can call forth the joy and wellness you have been creating for your life.

Evoke encourages us to “live with love in our heart and actions”