Welcome to Evoke Aromatherapy’s blog!! A blog about Aromatherapy, healthy food, and emotional wellness.  We like to keep our blog positive and believe that a mindset of gratitude goes a long way toward creating a life of great wellness and joy.

This week we have an exciting blog post for you!  With the aim to keep our blog informative and helpful for your everyday wellness and joy we have asked guest blogger Roxanne Low of Roxanne Low Photography to put together a video on photography tips for the perfect selfie.

I don’t know about you, but I never know where I should look when taking a selfie.  Do I look square at the camera, turn away, smile, look uninterested, or what, to get a good picture.

This video will save you hours of time taking selfie after selfie to get the perfect pic.  Using these 4 easy steps, Roxanne shows us how we can take our best selfie or have the best photo taken of us.

Now that’s something worth smiling about!! But remember to smile with your eyes and tip your chin down.  Confused by that comment?  Then read the blog to learn more.

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