This week I am thrilled to share an article written by Marjaana Rakai, Fitness Coach of Be Sisu Fit.  Training with a fitness coach is the perfect way to stay motivated about your workout, achieve the results you desire and have fun!  Marjaana provides super encouraging, appropriately challenging and fun coaching that is available online and in person.

Right now is the perfect time to commit to a fitness schedule and having Marjaana coach you toward your optimal fitness you are sure to achieve the success you are striving toward.

The following is Marjaana’s explanation about fitness coaching and the services she provides.

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Be Sisu Fit offers online fitness coaching as well as running coaching in-person, or online. “What? Online coaching- How does it work?” In short, you get to bring your personal coach with you everywhere you go, to the gym, for a run, outside in the park, on your travels, airports, hotels, your cabin in the mountains… It is the most convenient way of getting the expert fitness advice you’ve been looking for!

Why do I need a coach?

Let’s say, just for an example (and please don’t run away if you don’t match the description, as it is only an example) you are a busy woman in your thirties. You’ve worked hard to get where you are now: financially independent, confident and you’ve got your goals in sight. You know what you want in life. You have a busy life with work, social life and hobbies. You like to keep yourself healthy and go to gym regularly, maybe three, even four times a week. You’ve used the same strength workout for years. “That’s good, isn’t it?” Well, not exactly.

Repeating the same exercises year after year is not only boring, your body adapts to the exercise load and will not respond to the same stimulus any longer. Which is the number 1 reason you are not getting the results you want. The second reason is that you are not training hard enough. Maybe its out of fear of “bulking up” (which by the way is not true), or you don’t know how to use the machines, cables, free weights etc. that are in the gym. Either way your body adapts to the training stimulus, and unless you up your game a notch (either by increasing your weight load and/or changing exercises) you will hit a plateau.

“So, what can I do to change that? I have no idea what to do at the gym.”  There is no valid reason not to get help when it comes to getting the fitness results you have always wanted! You seek financial advice from time to time, am I right? So why not invest in your own health?

This is where online coaching comes into the picture. I will take you through the process step by step, ok?

How does online coaching work?

After you purchase an individually designed strength training program, or sign up for personal coaching with me, I will send you some initial questionnaires that I want you to put some serious thought into. Then, after I have read them and gained a picture of what you are after and what your background is, we then schedule an initial consultation via Skype or Facetime. I will then go to my “drawing board” and design your program or plan. When the plan is ready, you will get access to it by either pdf file or via your own training app on your tablet or smartphone.
Hitting the gym, you can either bring the program with you in paper, or you can check out videos and instructions of all the exercises through your app.  Easy, right?!

If you sign up for coaching, I will then follow up with you and can adjust your plan as per your feedback. By adjusting your plan, you can rest assured that you will be challenged and working hard to reap the benefits of the coaching and you will never, ever get bored while working out! Once your body gets accustomed to the exercise load you have been putting it through for 6-8 weeks, it will be time to adjust the plan again to give your body that new stimulus it needs.

Depending on the coaching service level, you will also gain direct access to your coach (me), as well as gain features such as assigned heart rate zones etc. as highlighted in your plan. I believe in educating my clients, and I will gladly answer your questions. I want you to reach your goals, and get the results you have always wanted! With online coaching, the way to your goals will be way shorter than if you were to do it by yourself.

Running Coaching

Be Sisu Fit also offers running coaching. I have run all my life, I was track & field athlete, and have run several half marathons, 10K & 5Ks. I am also training for a 70.3 Ironman and a full marathon. I see myself as an athlete – that is what I am most comfortable with. Combined with MSc in Exercise Science, my coaching philosophy is to help people develop sustainable, long-lasting exercise habits that stick with them! Being fit is not a magic trick. Learning how to consistently exercise is the secret to enduring health.

This winter I had the opportunity to coach a fantastic group of people training for the TC10K. It has been such an inspiration to see them improve and come back for more running week after week! I am offering a 16-week Goodlife Fitness Half Marathon running clinic right here in Sooke starting in June! If you have been wanting to run a half marathon, this is your chance to get coached, improve your technique, strength and endurance, be motivated and inspired by like-minded runners and your very own coach.

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Yours in Fitness,

Coach MJ