Lifestyle Wellness with Evoke Aromatherapy

Reach your wellness goals for a healthier and happier you with Evoke Aromatherapy! Evoke Aromatherapy looks forward to providing you with current information on aromatherapy and essential oils, stories of inspiration and joy, positive lifestyle messages and healthy, easy to make vegetarian food recipes.  At Evoke we believe wellness involves looking at our whole [...]

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The Difference Between Cinnamon Spice and Cinnamon Essential Oil

Growing and Harvesting The two most common types of Cinnamon are produced from the tree with the botanical name Cinnamomun zeylanicum also known as Cinnamomun vervun (they are the same tree they just have different botanical names due to a mistake made decades ago when the trees were categorized).  The Cinnamomun zeylanicum species that is [...]

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Hydrosols Explained

HYDROSOLS EXPLAINED AND 7 MUST HAVE HYDROSOLS FOR YOUR BEAUTY CARE AND WELLNESS Hydrosols- What Are They? To make sure that we are talking about the same thing when I say hydrosol you might say floral water, or you might say plant water, or hydrolat, to describe the same product.  As long as that [...]

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