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Active Life

“Life is busy, you need products that can keep up.
Evoke makes it possible to be healthy and
happy even with a busy schedule. ”



“Need to unplug, relax, recharge
or reclaim your balance?
Peace and Calm is a click away.”


Kids Wellness

“Kid friendly, kid tested and kid approved.
Check out what kids are asking for and
what is making parents lives a whole lot easier! ”


“I love your beach hair product.”

I add a small drop to my towel dried hair and then blow dry- all the fly away hairs are gone and my hair has an amazing shine and smell.

– Jessica – Evoke customer for 2 years


The Difference Between Cinnamon Spice and Cinnamon Essential Oil

Growing and Harvesting The two most common types of Cinnamon are produced from the tree with the botanical name Cinnamomun zeylanicum also known as Cinnamomun vervun (they are the same tree they just have different [...]


HYDROSOLS EXPLAINED AND 7 MUST HAVE HYDROSOLS FOR YOUR BEAUTY CARE AND WELLNESS Hydrosols- What Are They? To make sure that we are talking about the same thing when I say hydrosol you might [...]